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Running is a great way to get fit and finding friends to run with is a great way to have fun and stay motivated. Finding a running group that fits your needs can be difficult; often times established groups don’t cater to beginner runners, store led clinics can be expensive, and sometimes there simply isn’t a group or club in your area.

When you can’t find a running group that fits your needs, why not start one?

Choosing a Schedule

To maximize participation pick a day and time that doesn’t conflict with the typical work day. Most running groups start with a weekend morning run and expand from there. Once you have a group of regulars established for your Saturday or Sunday morning run, poll them and use that info to help you decide when to add another run to the schedule. It could be a weeknight, a pre-work morning run, or even a lunch hour jog.

It’s also beneficial to choose a goal race for your group to train for. The race you choose will dictate your schedule to a certain extent, but remember it’s not necessary or realistic to try and run each training run as a group. Pick 1–2 training runs each week to do as a group. It’s advisable for one of them to be the long run, but the other is your choice.

Promoting Your Group

The next step after settling on a schedule for your running group is to begin promoting it. The easiest way to do this is to create a group event with the Buddypass App. Buddypass will help you find other locals with an interest in joining a running group. Encourage your early members to recruit friends and be sure to keep the latest info up to date in your Buddypass group.

Etiquette and Rules

Make sure members are familiar with group running etiquette and rules. You can consult your group when creating them to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Some rules typical to running groups include;

  • No headphones, headphones designed for running are great during solo runs but group runs are meant to be a social activity.
  • Be on time, and let the group leader know if you can’t make a run. You don’t want to hold up the group while they wonder if you’re coming or not.
  • No jingling, secure loose keys and change to avoid driving your group members crazy.
  • No runner gets left behind, try to stay together or in smaller groups if paces widely vary.

Keep it Safe

When choosing routes for your new running group always scout out the entire route to ensure it is safe. Your run should take place on sidewalks and trails whenever possible, avoid running on busy streets. Here are a few more tips to keep your group safe.

  • When running on the road always face traffic
  • Wear reflective clothing, or better yet a flashing light when running in the dark.
  • Carry ID, transit fare and payphone change in case of emergency.
  • Stay alert and obey road rules.

Finally make it fun, invite everyone out for coffee or a meal after the run. This gives the group a chance to bond and create meaningful friendships. As your group grows you may want to enlist the help of other members to organize runs, scout events and act as pace bunnies. Buddypass will help you easily manage it all and make it easy for new members to find your group.

Buddypass-meetupOkay, the day has come. You’ve discovered new people on Buddypass who share the same interests as you and you’ve made plans to connect with your new friends. We go on the app to meet people, so why do we stress about these things? We are here to give you some tips on how to make the most of your Buddypass Meet-up.

Step 1: You must actually go to the meet-up. There are two types of people in this world – those who go out and do things and those who don’t and ask how it went instead. Be the person who gets asked how things went.  Showing up is the biggest key to having a successful meet-up. Without showing up, you’ll just be a person who asked how it went.

Step 2: Attend the meet-up with an open attitude. Some people may be slightly different than what you imagined. Don’t let that discourage you from having a great time… you connected for a reason!

Step 3: Stay off your phone! Engage in conversations and show people you’re interested in hanging out with them – this goes a long way! Don’t worry, Buddypass will still be there when the meet-up is over no matter how it goes.

Step 4: Be yourself.

Step 5: Don’t get discouraged if your meet-up doesn’t go as planned. There are thousands of events going on and not every one is going to be perfect. Keep attending and you’ll find a great group of new friends!

Download Buddypass today and join local chat groups and browse thousands of posts by Buddypassers looking for fun things to do! There’s no need to be alone if you don’t want to be. Buddypass– it’s about doing things together!

Introducing buddypass,buddypass,group chat app,find friends,group chat,free chat app, Social Networking App

Buddypass – a true friend finding app with chat groups and meetups!

Introducing Buddypass, a new social networking app that was created with the intention of helping people find new friends and fun things to do right in their own community!

Your first-time Buddypass experience will begin by having you choose the topics and activities you’re passionate about and then joining some local chat groups that you find the most interesting. This will enable you to instantly meet and begin talking to people into the same things as you. If you don’t find exactly the chat group you are looking for, then you can easily create one of your own and see who joins in on the fun!

Introducing buddypass,buddypass,group chat app,find friends,group chat,free chat app, Social Networking App
The next step, if you want to get things going more quickly, is to pop over to the “Now Screen” and browse through the thousands of posts from people looking for things to do. Just tap “YES” on anything you are interested in, they will notified and if they are interested too, it’s a go! If you aren’t up for it, just hit “No, thanks” and move on to the next post. If you don’t find the right match for what you are looking to do, simply create a post of your own and see who takes you up on it. It can be anything from looking to simply chat, to finding a work-out buddy or someone to travel or go hiking with, the only limit is your imagination!

Buddypass is also your passport to what’s going on nearby. Find out what people and groups have planned that you can join in on. Don’t see anything of interest or not exactly what you are looking for? Then create your own individual post, group or event, invite your friends or even open it up to anyone on Buddypass if you want. Buddypass is about instantly having something to do and someone to do it with.

Introducing buddypass,buddypass,group chat app,find friends,group chat,free chat app, Social Networking App

So take advantage of this opportunity to be social, create a great profile that tells people what you are about and what you are interested in and post whatever conversation or adventure you are looking to have. Whether its finding someone to go for a coffee with, watch a game with, or getting a group together to travel to Thailand, Buddypass can help make it happen effortlessly.

It doesn’t matter if you have been living somewhere forever, if you are new to an area or traveling somewhere for the first time, Buddypass will always show you what’s going on nearby!