How to Make the Best Chat Groups with the Buddypass App

group chat app, group chat, chat groups, chat group app, find friends appHow to Make the Best Chat Groups with the Buddypass App

Buddypass recently released its customizable Chat Groups feature where you can find and even create a social Chat Group on any topic. You can then keep it a private affair for just your friends, or open it up to anyone in the Buddypass community to join.

Buddypass has organized its chat groups to be listed by proximity, so the app determines your location, and then shows you all the groups close by to where you are. You can browse and find chat groups anywhere in the world, or create one of your own. This makes it really easy to find friends who you can eventually hang-out with in ‘real-life’, since people who are nearby are more likely to join your groups.

Where to start? When you create a chat group for the first time, you will want to select an interest catching title, so people browsing the groups get a glimpse or basic idea of what your group will be all about. So don’t have something meaningless in your title if you want your group to be about a specific topic. “Let’s Chat” isn’t going to encourage people to chat about horses necessarily if that is what you are looking to do. They will likely just want to chat about whatever comes to mind with a title like that, which can work too, but if you want something specific, choose a title carefully.

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Next up will be writing a short description and full description. So again, nothing too complicated here, just write a few words about what you are looking for or what you want to focus on. You can copy and paste a portion of your description for your short description to make it easier. If you want to focus on a particular favorite topic, be sure to make it known somewhere in your description. Also, in your group description, feel free to lay down any group rules and encourage people to participate or you will have to remove them from the group if this is important to you. This is where you can set guidelines for behavior too, like no foul language or inappropriate comments, it’s your group, so you get to decide. The all-important image is the last thing you will have to include to bring your custom chat group into existence. You can use anything you want, sometimes a quick Google search on your chosen topic can bring up some good images for you to choose from.

So creating a chat group is for sure fun and most importantly, you get to be the boss and decide how this chat group will evolve and become a success. In order to help you with this mission,

Buddypass has equipped each “group admin” with a variety of features to ensure your chat group remains exactly how you envisioned it, including the ability to kick out or block anyone who you don’t feel is contributing or behaving in a way that is in-line with your vision of what you want your chat group to be. Simply visit the “Members” tab of your chat group to manage each person the way you want. You can also send out updates to your group members from the “Details” tab in your group. Members will then be notified and emailed about whatever you want to let them know. This is super-handy if you want to bring them up to speed on anything or if you want to organize a real-world meet-up or even a night out for your group.

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What else can you do to make sure your personal chat group is a success? Be a great host, welcome each person who joins, and encourage them to say hello and participate. Help them in general to get past that natural shyness people have when they are doing something new for the first few times. Finally, encourage your group members to keep their notifications button on. It is found on their “Details” tab of the group, or at very least, they should be encouraged to check back regularly, so they don’t miss out on anything going on in your group.

To summarize:

1- Choose a great title for your group which hints at what you are about.

2- Describe it further in your Group Description and include any group rules you want.


3- Find an eye-catching picture that expresses the essence of your group in some way.

4- Manage your group and keep behavior in-line with what you are looking for.

5- Most importantly perhaps, be a great host, welcome people and encourage them to participate.

Following these guidelines will help you have the best Group Chat experience possible and help you enjoy the Buddypass Community to the fullest. Best of luck making your Buddypass Group amazing!