How To Find Friends With Buddypass

Buddypass, find friends, group chat app,find friends app,group chat,free chat app, social networking app, socializeHow To Find Friends With The Buddypass App

Aside from knowing someone for a long time, having common interests is one of the key factors to find friends and form real friendships. Buddypass was designed with this all too important premise firmly in mind and does a great job to make finding friends both easy and fun.

As the famous saying goes, “birds of a feather, flock together” and Buddypass uses this concept beautifully by providing two main avenues to help lay the foundation for true friendships. The first avenue, its Chat Group Feature, allows you to browse through hundreds of local chat groups on a multitude of topics. It even provides a handy search field you can use to type in whatever you are looking for if you don’t initially see the topics you are interested in.

Choose as many groups as you are interested in and start chatting with people on your favorite topics. Many of these groups also offer the opportunity for their members to get together for real-world meet-ups for those who are interested. It’s totally optional of course, some prefer to keep it to just chat and others are happy to get out with their groups for their favorite activities.Buddypass, find friends, group chat app,find friends app,group chat,free chat app, social networking app, socialize

The second way Buddypass helps facilitate finding friends is through its Now Feed. Buddypass community members post the activities they are looking to do and anyone browsing can tap “YES” on it, which sends your interest in the activity to the person who posted. If they are interested too, you’ll hear back and then it’s a go. If the post isn’t something you are up for, just tap “No, thanks” and move on to browsing the next post on the list.

So there you have it, finding friends and chat groups on Buddypass is as easy as 1,2,3. Download the Buddypass App today, it’s free for iOS and android and start making friends right away!